Selling products online

Client: OefoO Organic Wear in The Hague
Activities: Online sales of new clothing brand
Goal: Clearly presenting products and selling them
Website content: Overview homepage, shop with payment system, FAQ, blog, contact page

What did De Nootfabriek do to build this webshop?

  • Website Realization Plus: (€ 1,250.00)
  • Expansion of functionalities: language switch, extended shipping system, dynamic price system (475.00)
  • House style: logo, stationery, stickers, 2 posters, 2 advertisements (€ 1,200.00)
  • Photography first campaign (€ 1,000.00)
  • Writing all texts by copywriter (€ 1,200)
  • Translation of all texts into English (€ 500.00)
  • Comprehensive SEO (inclusive)
  • We maintain this website at an hourly rate of € 40.00 per hour.
  • We offer additional texts and photography at a reduced rate.

Total costs: € 5,625.00 excluding VAT

Approach webshop

A new clothing brand is a challenge, but fortunately the owner knew exactly what she wanted for her webshop. There have been quite a few hours in brainstorming about look and feel; how do you want to communicate visually with your target group? But of course also; how do you do that textually? Texts are of great importance to findability. Together we came to a description of the style, which served as a guideline, and still serves, in all communications.

Visual Identity

The first stock was available, so photography could also start. In order to ensure that we all stood in the same direction, we held a kick-off meeting with the disciplines that worked together on the OefoO project: customer, project manager, photographer, graphic designer and copywriter. The planning was drawn up and we went ahead. The lead time of 5 weeks, so keep working, but it worked!

Project management

Important during such an extensive project as a web shop is that everyone knows their task, is aware of the deadline, but also that the customer is easily accessible for consultation so that the process could proceed smoothly. Of course, a website like this is always in motion because new products are added and new photography is important in connection with marketing and PR. Because a webshop is a website that ‘works’, it is also important to keep an eye on whether the shop does what it has to do.

Media agency

Because a brand like this requires a lot of marketing and PR, we have introduced the customer to an external marketing agency that has developed a media strategy with them, both for social media and online advertising. Since De Nootfabriek has many contacts, this transfer also went smoothly and we are in regular contact with the marketing agency so that we all continue in the same direction.


Desktop view webshop

Mobile view webshop