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Text, images & portfolio

Client: Mona van den Berg Photography from Utrecht
Activities: Report photography and publishing
Goal: Structured overview of her work
Website content: Visual homepage, extensive portfolio with categories, bio and contact page.

What did De Nootfabriek do?

  • Website Realization Plus (€ 1,250.00)
  • Expansion € 10 per album above 10 albums (€ 260.00)
  • House style: logo (€ 500.00)
  • Translation of texts into English (200.00)
  • Comprehensive SEO (inclusive)
  • We maintain this website at an hourly rate of 25 euros per hour.

Total costs: € 2,210 excl. VAT

Approach portfoliowebsite:

Mona is a well-known and very productive photographer. Her problem was mainly that her work is becoming more and more extensive but also more diverse. Within her rather simple old portfolio website it became very confusing because there was no clear structure that could handle the scope of her work. We realize that the work of an artist contains a lot of emotional value and as a web builder you have to take this into account, but also continue to give the right advice. So let’s build a portfolio website together!


Very important in this process was that Mona herself very clearly subdivided what she did and what she did not want to show her work. Then we started to look together how best to put categories, with the utmost priority being the user-friendliness and clarity of the whole. We have sometimes had to play a little devil’s advocate to ensure the result. Of course, this is done from our knowledge of web communications of all websites, including in a portfolio website.

Mona supplied the texts herself, but we made sure that they were translated into English. We designed her corporate identity, which forms the basis of all her communication. We look for the right person for every job!


Desktop view portfolio website

Mobile view portfolio website